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Marble Dolphin Pendants

Below are several different colour variants of a little dolphin pendant, done in the same cast marble as used for all other sculptures.  Most of these are a solid colour, as shown.  Occasionally we are able to cast a few in the marbled or striated patterns, like the black/brown one (second from left).  We refer to these as Special Dolphin Pendants.  You are free to request one in a colour of your choice, black/brown, aqua, jade, coloured cast marble, black and white, red.  However we may not always have one of these special ones in any given colour.  Please indicate in the Notes section of checkout that you’d prefer one marbled, indicate your chosen colour, and we will try to supply one, otherwise we will send the colour listed in the order.

The leather is adjustable, and it comes with the piece.

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