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Dolphin Pendant Cast Marble Black Marbled


These little cast marble pendants originated from the popularity of the kids pieces. They come with an adjustable leather necklace
Note that you can fit a dozen or so of these, or the kids pieces, into one flat rate satchel; or any of the Mini Relief pieces plus one or two of these and still be below the 500 gram limit.

Note this one is a little different, it has a marbled pattern. This is because it was poured from left overs from the main casting of the larger pieces. They appeal to some more than the brighter solid colours. Instead of having a page for every piece in every medium, for now at least there is only this one page. If you would like a marbled piece, then you need to tell us what coloured medium either: black (this image), red, jade, aqua, or coloured cast marble. You can see examples of this by clicking the links. Then in the checkout process just indicate which of these mediums you want your marbled dolphin pendant to be.

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