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Guarantee and Authenticity


    This statement is made by the artist, FOOT YOUNG, as evidence that the work of art bearing my signature, the single right footprint as depicted in my above logo is of my own creation and design. Coloured versions of my artwork in  cast marble are all unique, and thus offered as original artworks.  Bronze and Alloy pieces are identical, and numbered if requested up to the limit marked on the piece.  We will send  you by email,  a signed Authenticity and Valuation Statement, if needed, provided you email a request, and provide your name, what the item was (or photos), the approximate date you purchased it, the purchase price, and from what location..

This guarantee applies to all of my works, specifically, it covers any faults which are attributable to the production of the work by myself or my company. Any work which shows evidence of manufacturing fault will be replaced without any time limit provided that the artist or his company is still in existence and provided that the work is returned to the artist’s  Australian studio, at the customers expense ,properly packed , and without damage or loss. If the work bears no evidence of wear by the customer this replacement will be free of charge. Free of charge replacement within thirty days, is is also available to anyone receiving a work purchased by, phone, internet or  or mail order, sight unseen,  provided that the work is returned in its original condition and with original packing to the Airlie Beach Gallery, at the customers expense. Please bear in mind that all cast marble works are unique, we cannot duplicate a previous work. If a returned work bears evidence of use or wear a nominal charge will apply, this charge will not exceed 10% of the purchase price per year of use up to a maximum charge of 30% of the total purchase price, adjusted if necessary for inflation.     However this guarantee does not extend to cover third party products such as coatings applied to the sculpture, damage caused by neglect, outdoor placement (see below), oxidation, accident, vandalism, or natural wear and tear or any other cause except what may be attributable to the creation of the work. The artist or his company will repair, modify or restore any work at the customers request for a reasonable charge at any time. Assistance by phone, fax, or email is freely available to customers. Slight scratches are easily repaired at home. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome, please feel free to contact us with your comments. Foot’s goal is to create a more beautiful world, with your help, that is exactly what we can do.



Maintaining your Sculpture including Outdoor Placement

    Sculpture normally requires no maintenance except for cleaning. Do not use abrasives on polished surfaces and do not use cleaning agents containing methylated spirit or alcohol on bronzes that have been lacquered as this will react. Periodic waxing will help to maintain the polish on sculpture placed out of doors, however all marbles, whether natural or cast will lose their high gloss polish if subjected to prolonged action by the elements. There is also a chance that cracks may develop on marble sculpture placed outdoors, due to thermal expansion caused by heat and cold. The guarantee does not cover cracking caused by extreme heat or cold, or physical abuse. It is possible to coat a marble sculpture placed outdoors with a clear lacquer (two pack is best) that will protect the work from any surface dulling, as long as the lacquer stays good.   You should wax any bronze or marble  outdoor sculpture, even if lacquered, as this will become the sacrificial part,  Use a carnuba based wax, such as “Mothers Wax”, not a silicone based one. Your local panel beater (auto body repairman) or professional painter is the recommended person to contact for clear coatings. Cast marble is more resistant than natural stone as it does not have the tiny cracks, fissures, and pores that natural stone has. It is normal for black cast marble to take on a gray shade when the polish wears off. Slight scratches from jewellery, etc., are easily dealt with by applying some black shoe polish and then buffing off. Should your piece ever be damaged, if all the broken bits are saved it is possible to repair it without any apparent evidence of damage. It is hoped that you get a lifetime of pleasure from the artwork.

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