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DVD#1 covers modelling, or building up, of sculpture.  Clay has been the traditional medium, and the same technique can be used with clay,  but Foot utilizes more modern mediums, and in the case of this treatise, the materials are foam, fiberglass, and bondo.  These are all available from your local hardware, and give a finished, durable and light weight final sculpture. Using clay means that you must then make a mould and cast from that mould. The subject is a fish relief.  It also covers , if you do want to reproduce your sculpture (both of the fish and also of a bust),  mould making and cold cast bronze casting.   1 3\4 hrs.

The  #2 DVD is a very comprehensive treatise of the art of sculpting stone, starting with selecting your rough piece, right through to the final polish. It covers every aspect of stone carving, including how to judge the suitability of any particular piece of stone, the tools you will need and how they are used to do what, getting started by blocking out, rounding in, homing down to the final desired shape, and polishing the final surface. The subject is a one year old child’s bust..  This production is for either the more advanced or more determined sculptor.  2 3\4 hrs.

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