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How long will it take to get my order? Almost without exception, we can send any item on this site priced under $3000 within 24 hours, and most of the time the larger pieces also. You should get your sculpture within 7 to 10 business days. If you have a time frame like a birthday it is best to contact us by email.
If you are overseas, items under $2000 can usually be sent by post, and that service is normally around 10 days from posting. Christmas time is an exception, you can expect a month or more if you order after December 1rst.  Items over that price are normally heavy enough that they must go by air courier.  That service is door to door and usually a week to ten days,year round, but allow 15 days near Christmas.  We can email you a consignment number for tracking if you request it.

What happens if my item arrives broken or is lost? If you elect and pay for the extra cover (insurance) at checkout, your piece will be replaced with another. However, there is a mandatory six week period for posted items, before a claim can be lodged with us. This is because occasionally something goes astray and is then delivered late. If you do not elect the extra cover, Foot’s Artworks can not be held responsible for actions of a third party, i.e the postal system or the air courier. If it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt, that damage was the result of improper packing, then Foot’s Artworks will accept responsibility and replace the item, at no charge to the purchaser. It can be said that over thirty five years of sending thousands and thousands of artworks out, that the number of times the item did not arrive safely could be counted on two hands. That is largely true because Foot has learned to pack his sculptures with the same due care and diligence that he puts into making them. We also only send with signature on delivery and all gold jewellery is sent by registered insured mail.

Can these sculptures be secured down, for example if they are put on a vessel? Yes, the cast marble can either be drilled and screwed into if the right sized drill and screws are used, or they can be siliconed down in a way that they may be removed later if desired, without defacing the surface at all. Contact the artist for details.

What happens if I am not happy with the item received? Because every single sculpture, bronze and alloy and plain black excepted, every cast marble piece is different. They will look similar to what you see on each page on this site, but they will be different in pattern or intensity of colour. It is possible that what you receive may not match your expectation, but because there is a thirty five year track record of sending to clients who purchased sight unseen, and not a single time has anyone ever asked to return or swap the piece, it can still be said that it may happen. If so, you are entitled to return any item within thirty days (in its original packing, with a purchase date) at your expense, and we will replace it at our expense. Alternatively you may exchange it for any other item with a credit equal to your purchase price. It is important that you are happy so that you may derive lasting enjoyment from your artwork.

Can I get a valuation certificate for insurance? Yes, email us and we will email back a certificate.

Can I get a discount if I buy multiple pieces? Yes, that is normally the policy, although it doesn’t get easier for us to make more, it actually is more difficult. Contact us for more information on specific choices.

Can I commission something specific? Perhaps, it depends on whether or not Foot finds a particular request to be motivating, or if he has free time to take it on.

How do I make the bog that is used in the Free Instruction page? The bog is made from equal parts of:

1.powder of your choosing: talc, marble dust, sawdust even, as long as it doesn’t react with the resin.
2.resin of your choice: epoxy will work, polyester is a more economical choice, but it must be a casting resin, not a laminating resin.
3. cabosil aka fumed silica: wear a dust mask, mix in a place not windblown, mix the above powder and resin first with a powered mixer on a fast drill, then add the cabosil until it reaches a viscosity that you want. You may need a bit more or less cabosil. Note with epoxy you must mix A and B first, with polyester you can pre mix and catalize last or next week, as it does keep well if you keep the air off it.
4. optionally you can add a powdered pigment, ones made for cement are fine.

Do you give training or take apprentices? Teaching may be something Foot chooses to do in later years, but not at present time. He also understands that today’s apprentice (s) may be the person(s) needed to carry the show on into the future.


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