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Cast Marble

What is cast marble?  This is the question that we are rightfully asked all day long.  The answer is very simple- you already know what it is because chances are you already have some in your home.  It is a technology that has been around for a hundred years, and the most commom application for it is vanities, tiles, and counter tops. It is marketed under trade names like Ceasar Stone, or in up front marketing, just called reconstituted stone.

Foot didn’t invent it, but he did take a tried and tested method, applied it to sculpture of his own design, and most importantly over a thirty year evolution, he learned to colour it as you see here.  He was after a way to reproduce his marble originals, and this is what he came up with.  The original master patterns are moulded, and then a special mix is cast into that which is essentially marble powder, a two part resin, a few secret ingredients, and the colours. These are all then manipulated in a special way to try an achieve the most pleasing result.

Usually that is what we get.  But you can do the same thing, the same way, with the same exact ingredients and proportions, and every time you get a different result.  The down side of this is it makes it hard to make something specifically to order, but the good side is that every single item is a unique piece of art.  They are all original in their colouration.  The down side is that we sometimes get a result that is not as vivid as the norm.  But the good side of that is that we can sell those at reduced prices, and that fills a niche in the market, and then there are some whose personal taste is for more muted colouration  You can find those under the Special Priced Items or  in the footer below.

Aqua Cast Marble

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Black Cast Marble

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Pink Cast Marble

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