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Special Mini Reliefs Any


This is what we call a “special” mini relief.  It is special because, instead of being just plain black, as are the normal mini reliefs for $35, these are deliberately cast with the nice colour schemes that Foot does the rest of his cast marble pieces in.  This process takes more time than just making a plain black one, also we put more effort into the finishing process to get it as beautiful as possible, plus the addition of the black onyx eye stones.  Note that the colour will be different if you order one, than the colour in the image on these pages.  This is true of every cast marble piece done, they are all different.  The background colour scheme is the same,  but the patterns and relative degrees of colour are unique to every single  piece.

The scrolling images will give you an idea of the subjects, someday there will be a dedicated page for every item and colour, but for now, if you’d like to order, just tell us the subject and the colour you wish at checkout.  The sizes vary, but generally they  are roughly the size of a saucer, 12 cm by 14 cm give or take.

Foot's Artworks

Comprising a wide range of Australian made sculpture and jewellery which is not only remarkably beautiful and unique, but durable, priced for any budget and designed to accommodate all tastes in art.

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