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These mini relief pieces were originally conceived to use up the leftover material from the casting process, either done in just plain black, or else fill put into bronze or alloy versions.  The idea was to use material that otherwise would have been wasted, and at the same time produce something of artistic merit that was low in cost.  They have been so successful, that after several years Foot decided to dedicate some of the nicely marbled  and coloured material into these pieces.  Those are called “Special” mini reliefs, and this is the page for just one of them.

We try to keep a selection of every colour for every subject,  You’ll note that more care goes into these than the standard ones.  They have no flaws, we put little black onyx eye stones in them, and they are felted on the back. If requested we will supply a velvet gift bag with the gold foot logo on it.

Foot's Artworks

Comprising a wide range of Australian made sculpture and jewellery which is not only remarkably beautiful and unique, but durable, priced for any budget and designed to accommodate all tastes in art.

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