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SEA LION SMILING Black and White Cast Marble


The Smiling Sea Lion is a scaled down version of a life sized sea lion that was done for the World Trade Centre in Singapore.  Sea Lions have a remarkable fluidity in their shape and although out of the water, and this sculpture captures that beauty.  He is available also in black cast marble, white, black and white, and also bronze and alloy.

It is worth mentioning that the Australian Fur Seal, as he is called, is not really a seal, but a sea lion.  The early settlers did not distinguish between the two, and the large and plentiful Sea Lions had fur that was prized, so they became known that way.  Seals can not move their legs forward, nor do they have ears, nonetheless, habit is hard to beat you’ll find,  Try telling this to those  who insist that the Aussie Fur Seal is really a seal.

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