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KOALA Black Cast Marble


The iconic Koala, another creature that any sculptor worth his weight could not resist.  This little guy is in his classical pose, just resting on a tree limb.  When considering where you’d like to place him in your home it is worth considering that as Koalas live in trees, he is made just that way, meaning he is looked up at.  Therefore a spot to display him should be at eye level or best above eye level, if you want to maximize his presentation appeal.  He comes in either black cast marble, which unpolished comes up as a grey colour much like the real koala, with a black polished nose and onyx eyes; or it is also  made in the cold cast bronze or there may be a few alloy ones left on special.

Foot's Artworks

Comprising a wide range of Australian made sculpture and jewellery which is not only remarkably beautiful and unique, but durable, priced for any budget and designed to accommodate all tastes in art.

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