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The Mahi Mahi fish, also sometimes called the Dolphin fish, is a highly prized game and eating fish.  They are beautifully coloured when alive. This sculpture is a life sized rendition that tries to capture not just the beauty, but also the form and movement of the creature.  It is a large piece for a wall hanger, but is done by applying the metal coating over a lightweight filler, which is in turn bonded to a stout layer of fibreglass.

There is another version which is completely done in the cold cast bronze, but this version utilizes the alloy for the fish and bronze for the water, creating a more pronounced fish.  The stainless cables that are attached to the back are configured so that the fish can easily be hung in the vertical configuration as shown, or tilted to a more horizontal position, as preferred.

Foot's Artworks

Comprising a wide range of Australian made sculpture and jewellery which is not only remarkably beautiful and unique, but durable, priced for any budget and designed to accommodate all tastes in art.

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