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This is a study for the life sized Barramundi Large fish, one of the most prized game fishes in Australia, and without a doubt, one of the finest eating under the sun.  The water part is coated with a resin bronze, and patinated to give a pleasing contrast to the aluminium fish.  It is normally supplied in a highly polished finish, which holds up much like silver or pewter, meaning it will need a polish on occasion to keep it gleaming.  It can be supplied with a clear lacquer coating for no charge.  The coating is not quite as nice as purely polished metal, but what is gained is that it requires no maintenance, as long as the coating stays intact.  The bronze area is coated on all pieces.

This sculpture is available also in bronze top to bottom, or any of the coloured cast marble medium.  Contact us for price and availability.


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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 120 cm


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