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FISH BUTTERFLY MINI Coloured Cast Marble


The Butterfly fish have been very well liked, their beautiful colours are the main contributors to the vibrant impression that we get when we view the reef.  Foot makes a slghtly oversize version, called the Butterfly Fish, and this smaller one which would be the actual size of many of these species. There is also a wall relief version of this one.
Because it is not easy to get the really vivid colours in these, there are always several in stock which are nice, but just have more muted colour. These can be purchased at a reduced price. There is no click and buy page for these, but if you contact us we can assist.

Foot's Artworks

Comprising a wide range of Australian made sculpture and jewellery which is not only remarkably beautiful and unique, but durable, priced for any budget and designed to accommodate all tastes in art.