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This is the piece that got Foot started on his career as a sculptor.  It was his second effort at carving marble, and it was motivated by the friendship formed with a dolphin named Diana who lived in the pool at Hamilton Island when Foot arrived there in 1985.  Diana loved the attention Foot gave her, she especially liked having her body massaged and listening to Foot play the harmonica.  The original of this piece is in a special place Foot built in the back of his gallery on the island.

The cast marble sculptures can be done in any colour, and three months would be needed to dispatch.  The bronzes can be done in two months for a new one, with one being available at the Hamilton gallery at any time.  Note that the bronze can be done in a highly polished variation, and although this can be lacquered to retard oxidation, bronze is a reactive metal.  The patinated ones are stable, good for indoors or out, but if a polished one is preferred, it must be kept indoors and away from exposure to salt air.  The cast marble sculptures do not oxidize in any environment, they can be placed outdoors, however to keep the polish and colour intact, they must be clear coated with automotive clear lacquer.

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Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 70 × 75 × 100 cm


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