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After spending 29 years sailing around half the world, Foot’s love for the sea is usually expressed by all the marine life he has done.  However a few variations are included, such as Neptune and this Mermaid.  There is just something fascinating about carving the human form into stone, as this mermaid was fashioned even if she is not completely human. It is a serene piece, as the mermaid is just sitting on the rock, gazing back at the viewer.  Although it could be done in hot cast bronze, POA, it is normally only made in the white cast marble.  Foot has placed two of these outdoors, and with a few good coats of clear automotive lacquer, they are still looking as new after nearly 20 years.
Note the tail in the one pictured has been darkened for contrast, they come with out without this addition.


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Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 150 cm


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