Whales from Foot's Artworks

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Foot has provided an explanation of the cold cast bronze and cast marble methods he uses.

Below are thumbnails for the images available on-line. To view the full-size image, just click on the thumbnail or the title of the work. The size of the file that will be downloaded to your browser is indicated below each thumbnail.

Mini Humpback
black marble 1. $: 265

Humpback Relief - small bronze
Wall mount 1. $: 750

Mini Killer Whale
black and while cast marble 1. $: 195

Humpback Whale Mini Relief
cold cast bronze 1. $: 45

Humpback Whale
hot cast bronze $POA

Humpback Whale original marble
not for sale

Humpback Whale
Jade Sim 1. $: 2895

First Breath - Whale & Baby
hot cast bronze 1. $: 32500

Whale Humpback Dancing
cast marble 1. $: 595

Humpback Whale - large relief
bronze wall mount 1. $: 3695

Willy Killer Whale
Black and White medium 1. $: 475

Baby Whale aqua
1. $: 1395


Beluga Whale

1. $: 1395

See also the Jewellery  pages for whales in gold and silver

    NOTE:   Most  works are (except large whales) available in a new aqua medium, 'black and white' medium, or black cast marble, or in bronze, also some in red or alloy and most in  JadeSim.

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