'Seconds' from Foot's Artworks

These are items which have either minor flaws, usually in one side only, or else the colour is not within the range that is liked by most people.  If you intend to place the artwork next to a wall, or if you are one of those people who just have a preference for either milder colours, or more radical colours, then these items will be excellent value as they are marked down from normal retail by up to 50%.

Note that the piece pictured may not be the one that will be delivered. You can email us to request up to 4 photos of any seconds available.

            Foot has provided an explanation of the cold cast bronze and cast marble methods he uses.

Below are thumbnails for the images available on-line. To view the full-size image, just click on the thumbnail or the title of the work.

Dolphin Diana $350
bronze usually $515

Dolphin Mini Leap $165
Jade sim usually $255

Barra Cod Aqua SOLD
normally $495

Butterfly Fish $175
coloured normally $250

Butterfly Fish $175
jade normally $235

Butterfly Fish Mini $95
coloured normally $175

Dolphin Rising $110
black normally $215

Coloured Cast Marble SOLD
normally $995

Black Mantaray $325
normally $395

Mantaray White $325
normally $395

Jade Sim $295
normal price $465

minisl.jpg (11718 bytes)
Black and White Cast Marble SOLD normal price $435

NOTE: We may have other seconds than what is shown above, email us for inquiries.

Other subjects from Foot Young's work
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 -   Seals
 -   Dolphins
 -   Other, incl Surrealism, Abtract & Stylized
Sea Otters   -
Other Aquatic Animals   -
Land Animals (other than human)   -
Humans (terrestrial and extraterrestrial)   -

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