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Subject - Seals  What is the difference between seals and sea lions?  Sea lions have ears, and they can move their hind legs forward and walk like a dog, whereas seals do not have ears and cannot move their hind legs forward, they move in caterpillar fashion.  The Australian Fur Seal, as it is generally called, is actually a sea lion.

Foot has provided an explanation of the cold cast bronze and cast marble methods he uses.

Below are thumbnails for the images available on-line. To view the full-size image, just click on the thumbnail or the title of the work.

Seal Jumping
Jade sim 1. $: 3150

Seal Diving
special order only 1. $: 5750

My Seal - front view
special order only

Seal Head
Cast marble 1. $: 395

Monk Seal Lg.
Jade sim 1. $: 2795

Monk Seal - small
Bronze 1. $: 345

Monk Seal Rising
Alloy  1. $: 465

Monk Seal Head
Cast Marble 1. $: 395

Seal head bronze
Bronze patinated 1. $: 350

                                      Note:   Any work is available in black or white cast marble,  cold cast bronze, alloy or jade sim, or in coloured cast marble.

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