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In Foot Young's estimation, a lot of publicly funded art is not appreciated by those who are paying for it and for whom it is supposed to benefit. Your answers will help us establish what YOU, the indivisible element of the PUBLIC wants to see in public Art. This is the first draft of this questionnaire, with your feed back it will be improved on.

1. What kind of sculpture would you like to see? (loosely defined)

Classical Realism Stylized Abstract Surrealism Modern Other

2. What kind of material would you prefer to see?

Steel Bronze Stone Composite Other

3. What kind of theme would you prefer to see?

  • One figure or shape
  • Group of figures or shapes
  • One large face
  • Several faces
  • One dominant theme
  • A composition of several themes such as those in the next question
  • None of the above.

4. Do you think the sculpture should address?

  • The basic spirit of the people of a certain area
  • Historical perspectives
  • Religious values
  • The integration and recognition of the different races of people of a given area
  • The significance of a certain event, in this instance, the year 2000, dawn of the next millennium
  • Artistic expression of pure form only without any attempt to relate to something or another
  • All of the above, excepting the last one above
  • None of the above.

5.Would you prefer to see?

  • A sculpture that is carved in three dimensions (known as IN THE ROUND)
  • A monolith with its expression carved in as RELIEF (a coin is low relief)
  • Metal sculpture that can be seen into and through
  • None of the above.

6. As far as design goes, do you like sculpture which has

A lot of detail Little or no detail, mostly smooth A combination of both Angular shapes None of the above

7. For you to personally like a work of art do you feel that it must have?

  • A meaning that can be explained in words
  • Stand for something or be a symbol for something in the real world
  • Not necessarily either of the above, but gain its impact from sheer form alone
  • None of the above.

8. Do you like to see?

  • Evidence of substantial workmanship, in other words evidence of the artist effort and skill
  • The above doesn't matter, in fact I prefer more spontaneous expression even chaotic
  • None of the above.

9. How do you feel about impact (the effect of art)

  • I prefer strong emotional impact as long as it is pleasant
  • I like strong impact even if it is obtained by shock or other radical means
  • I prefer it to be stimulating yet soothing
  • None of the above, it should help decorate a place but not intrude upon it
  • A neutral impact is fine as long as it is nice to look at and suits and enhances an area

10. Do you think that Art should be used?

  • For any purpose whatsoever, political, personal, etc.
  • To express the nobler attributes of mankind, what our culture wishes to be remembered for, or what we aspire to
  • Neither.

11. Do you think that something deserves to be called a work of Art simply because that is the name someone has appended to it, or do you feel it must possess certain qualities in order to qualify.

Qualities Anything goes Neither .

12. How would you determine those qualities, should they include?

  • Expression
  • Beauty
  • Imagination
  • All the foregoing three
  • Geometric form
  • Doesn't matter as long as it is stimulating and pleasant to the majority
  • None of the foregoing as Art should be free of any restraints
  • None of the above.



It is realized that everyone has a right to their own tastes in anything, but it is hoped that all readers will understand that this questionnaire is intended to determine what are the common or most common denominators in a public art piece that WE ALL can enjoy and not just what one particular person (or a few privileged persons) thinks we all should enjoy, as this is apparently the cause of the current situation.

This is virtually a form of 'make up your own petition', because with your help we may be able to change the direction that Art has taken in the last century, and how it changes is up to you. When I am asked to do my next public commission I hope to be able to show what the public most wants to see, and the evidence will be absolute.

Thank you for your help. Foot Young        email:   foot@whitsunday.net.au