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    We have recently changed our method of accepting orders to an email system, which is a lot more personal than the previous click the button, fill in your details, bit.  It is preferable to us, in the interest of achieving the ultimate in customer satisfaction, to interact with you via email.  This is due mainly to the fact that Foot's sculptures, with the exception of the bronze, alloy, and plain white works, can and do vary quite a lot in colour, as well as pattern.  Every single piece is unique, and although that makes each one special, it also means that the one you've seen in the image on this site was just one example.   For the same reason that one gets asked how many sugars would you like in your coffee, we'd like to make sure you get exactly what you would most enjoy.  Little details like, is it going to go in a brightly lit area, on in a darker area; inside or outside; do you live near the ocean; etc., these are all significant in making an optimum choice.

    Once we know exactly what you would like, and in some cases we can even make it specifically to your satisfaction, then if necessary an image can be emailed to you.  Once you have decided  and are ready to make payment, several methods are available.  PayPal is the easiest and safest option, and they have a good buyer protection policy. You can also email credit card details if you are comfortable with that or you can also fax orders  direct to Foot's personal office in Australia (from the U.S. dial 011 61 749 461 419).  You may phone, in Australia the phone number is 07 4946 9062, the Hamilton Island gallery (country code is 61 for overseas clients).  Of course there is always snail mail, and those old fashioned things called checks (cheques to us Aussies),  mark them "Negotiable by Payee Only" and you are safe as houses, but don't expect it next week.

Direct bank deposit is also an option, domestic or international, send an email  to obtain bank deposit particulars. You are entitled to a 1.5% discount for this if requested.

    PayPal is the best option, but in the interest of getting you exactly what you desire, some input is required.  You can add notes such as  whether or not you prefer lots of colour or a little, or any other requests, in the box "add special instructions to seller" which will appear once you have gone to the PayPal site.      You can also request that we email you a Paypal payment request which can be made payable in in your currency of choice, this is done simply by sending us an email.

    Click the Paypal button,  below to go to the secure Paypal site, where you can pay with your credit card, or your paypal account.  Please note that we have chosen not to set up our website purchasing as a 'shopping cart', for reasons mentioned above, so you will need to enter the name and ID number of the particular sculpture and its colour/ medium into the text box below.  If you clicked the "Express Interest" button on the page, it would have sent us those details.
Use this button for purchases in USD and all other currencies.  Please note that you should provide a postal address for items with a ship weight less than 20 kg. and if over 20 kg., a  physical address for delivery; when you are on the PayPal site.  A phone # is needed for international deliveries. See below for shipping costs.
Specify Colour
Description and ID#
Ph # needed for intl orders
Description and ID# of item
Ph # req. non P.O. deliveries
Use this button for Australian purchases in AUD.  Please note that you should provide a physical address for delivery when you are on the PayPal site, as we normally use courier services for delivery.   Entering a phone number here is a good idea. See below for shipping costs.

   If you have any problems with any orders, would like something original made, or would just like to contact the artist personally,  please feel free to directly  email us.

    Unless you are 100% happy with your work, we have no problem with refunding your money if the item is returned in its original condition and packing. 

    Regarding shipping:

    For clients in Australia the cost of shipping is minimal, due to the vast distances of our country, we have developed very efficient and competitive shipping means and costs.  To ship any small sculpture under 3 kg, we use a $20 TNT airbag that is delivered the next day, or you can elect for a Fastways bag @$10 (1 week delivery).  For items up to 5 kg this requires a $30 TNTair bag, or $15 by Fastways.  Items can also be posted, up to 20 kg, but generally Fastways is a very reliable carrier at very good rates, the cost is generally around 5% of the cost of the sculpture, more or less depending on your location.  They do not deliver to some destinations, however.  We can also use the post for items between up to20 kg, but  for all items over 30 kg we use TNT.

    For overseas clients, NOTE THAT YOU HAVE THE BENEFIT OF NOT PAYING THE GST IF WE SHIP OUT OF AUSTRALIA, THIS WILL SAVE YOU 9% OF THE LISTED PRICE.   You also have the option, if overseas, of paying in $AUD, less the GST, and then plus a calculated freight cost, which we would need to calculate for a chosen item and destination, email us.  Also note that we use the postal service for items up to 20 kilos, above that we use TNT international air freight.  Very large or very heavy items over 200 kg (500 lbs.) can only be sent by ship.  All shipping or posting includes insurance, but note that items sent to Canada and Germany can not be insured through the postal system.  For these countries we use the premium Australia Post service, called Express Post International, it is very fast, requires signatures and has full tracking end to end, via a web page.  There have been no issues with this service, and it is only a few dollars more expensive than air mail.

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