Images from Foot's Artworks

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Foot has provided an explanation of the cold cast bronze and cast marble methods he uses.

Below are thumbnails for the images available on-line. To view the full-size image, just click on the title of the work.  The link will take you to all the other mediums in that work.

Gecko Mini Relief
1. $: 75

 Kids Piece Larva

Sail Small relief
1. $: 75

aqua  1. $: 95

Keith Williams
  This piece now being done 3 mtrs. high

Turtle Small aqua
1. $: 345

2016 Goofy Cocky

1. $: 250

"2015 Phoenix head"
from the original phoenix

 Alien Golfer

1. $: 250




               NOTE: most pieces are available in white or black marble; bronze, alloy, or jade, aqua, red or coloured, but some are only suitable for certain colour schemes

Other subjects from Foot Young's work
 -   Whales
 -   Sea Lions
 -   Seals
 -   Other, incl Surrealism, Abtract & Stylized  -   Seahorses
Sea Otters   -
Other Aquatic Animals, turtles, mantas,...   -
Land Animals (other than human)   -
Humans (terrestrial and extraterrestrial)   -

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