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The Mini Reliefs
These are a series of lowest priced  wall mounted relief pieces.  They are all available in all all three mediums- bronze, alloy and black, excepting for the alien.  They come with a hole drilled in the back.  The way these pieces are produced so economically is t hat they are made by using the left overs from the main casting process.  NOW AVAILABLE IN COLOURED all $75 each

Below are thumbnails for the images available on-line. To view the full-size image, just click on the thumbnail or the title of the work.

Dolphin Heart

23.79.gif (143691 bytes)



Sea Horse

Hump Back Whale

Manta Ray



Lizard Frill Neck


( file size 27 KB)

also available- Platypus -Dugong but no image yet
 -   Whales
 -   Sea Lions
 -   Seals
 -   Dolphins
 -   Seahorses
Sea Otters   -
Other Aquatic Animals   -
Land Animals (other than human)   -
Other, incl Surrealism, Abtract & Stylized  -

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