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by Foot Young

     Solid 14 carat gold and sterling silver jewellery

We regret that there are no full scale images yet available.

marlin.gif (6898 bytes)
Size: 35mm x 20mm
14ct GOLD $640  SS $95

paddle.gif (6438 bytes)
Size: 38mm x 8mm
14ct GOLD $220  SS $85

pheonix.gif (4865 bytes)
Size: 42mm x 35mm
18ct GOLD $1495  SS $115

platypus.gif (6761 bytes)
Size: 26mm x 10mm
14ct GOLD $675  SS $90

ringdb1.gif (5574 bytes)
Dolphin Double Ring
fully adjustable
14ct GOLD $535  SS $105

ringsgl1.gif (5800 bytes)
Dolphin Single Ring
fully adjustable
14ct GOLD $350  SS $80

sailfish.gif (3699 bytes)
Size: 28mm x 22mm
14ct GOLD $550

scorpionlg.gif (5591 bytes)
Large Scorpion
Size: 41mm x 18mm
14ct GOLD $995  SS $110

scorpionsml.gif (6377 bytes)
Small Scorpion
Size: 27mm x 22mm
14ct GOLD $395  SS $80

taillg.gif (5346 bytes)
Large Tail
Size: 14mm x 24mm
14ct GOLD $275  SS $75
Small Tail 14ct $125 SS $60

fishmedJ1.gif (6454 bytes)
Fish Medium
Size: 20 x 16 mm
14ct Gold $335 Ster Silver $75

unicorn.gif (5963 bytes)
Size: 16mm x 17mm
14ct GOLD $325  SS $75

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