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    At an early age Foot's father taught him essential farming skills such as carpentry and welding and encouraged him to approach jobs in a practical and creative manner. When just ten years of age Foot began welding together odds and ends from the scrap pile into something he thought had some significance but which the rural community found somewhat amusing.
    After completing a college degree in Mathematics, riding a Harley for a couple of years, and then starting a dive business in the Caribbean,  Foot eventually purchased an elderly ketch and set sail towards the sunset. Five years later he arrived in Australia where he is now, 25 years later, regarded as a distinguished and notably environmentally motivated sculptor.  His works are now displayed in many independent galleries around the world.
    Working primarily with marble quarried from Chillagoe in Central Queensland, the focal subjects of Foot's work have been marine mammals. Most of his later works being life-size and the latest, monumental in scale. This inspired the Singapore Port Authority to commission a group of three Sea lions displayed outside the World Trade Centre of Singapore. His largest marble piece, a breaching Humpback Whale, (8' x6' x6'), took two years to complete. An even grander, (10' x10' x10') bronze edition of the Humpback Whale was completed in August 1994. This is currently on display at the Hamilton Island gallery, along with many of his originals. In 2001, his home town commissioned him to do a life sized marble Dugong , now an icon of the Airlie Beach Lagoon, Queensland.
        Normally six to twelve months is required to complete a large natural marble sculpture. The
roughing out Foot insists on doing himself using whatever power driven tools are appropriate - industrial demolition saws and jack hammers being his favourite mechanical extensions. The finishing must be done by hand to meet his most exacting standards and here the help of apprentices and assistants make the studio and entertaining experience for the visitor. These originals are seldom sold, as Foot has begun work on a Sculpture Park to house the corpus of his work for future generations to enjoy.  
       Several successful attempts at sculpting the human body, using oil based clay as a sub-medium for the final bronze, have encouraged Foot to diversify further. He has now completed several commissioned marble originals of human busts, hands, feet and other characterized body parts. His most challenging  work, titled "Freedom", (1997) is a life sized self portrait in the process of chiseling himself out of stone, with the help of an extraterrestrial who appears to be supplying the man with the tools. A year later a life sized female figure was done Fantasy., and a year later a Mermaid.  Just recently he has embarked on the task of creating contemporary works that still embody his cherished ideals, that of beauty and fine workmanship, see Footsky   
      In earlier years timber was a favourite medium, the best work being the 7' x 8' Phoenix Bird (Phoenix Vip Lounge,
Blacktown, NSW, Corporate Collection). Marble, however, has a way of captivating ambitious artists. To make this beautiful material more affordable Foot has developed the technique of casting marble, and lately this has been expanded on with the evolution of fantastic coloured marble, and a beautiful rendition of jade, turqoise, and red coloured cast marble. From his originals, moulds are taken and limited editions are also made in hot or cold cast bronze. Original works also being made in cast marble as it is virtually impossible to distinguish between the natural stone and the cast, each work being uniquely coloured . It is left to the viewer to savour the enjoyment these exquisite sculptures provide; and the relatively low cost which provides for their creation.


    This statement is made by the artist, FOOT YOUNG, the undersigned as evidence that the work of art bearing my signature, the single right footprint as depicted in my logo is of my own creation and design. The size of each distinct bronze, or alloy, edition is limited to what is engraved on each work near my footprint and each piece made by myself or my company is consecutively numbered up the limit of that edition. Due to the fact that some of our castings are not always up to standard, these, as well as the prototype studies made in the preliminary moulding process; are labeled as proofs, or seconds, not determined in number, and are not available at galleries other than Foot's Artworks.  Coloured versions in cast marble are all unique, and thus offered as original artworks.  Because they are cast using the same moulds as the bronzes the /100 or /50 may be visible on the tag, and if someone wants a number we will supply one up to the /limit.  We guarantee that there will be no numbered pieces above this /limit, and no duplicate numbers, however as all coloured pieces are original art, we do not limit the un numbered pieces.    

This guarantee applies to all of my works, specifically, it covers any faults which are attributable to the production of the work by myself or my company. Any work which shows evidence of manufacturing fault will be replaced without any time limit provided that the artist or his company is still in existence and provided that the work is returned to the artist's  Australian studio, at the customers expense ,properly packed , and without damage or loss. If the work bears no evidence of wear by the customer this replacement will be free of charge. Free of charge replacement is also available to anyone receiving a work purchased by commission, phone or mail order, or on the merit of a gallery floor sample provided that the work is returned in its original condition and with original packing to either company location. Please bear in mind that all cast marble works are unique, we cannot duplicate a previous work. If a returned work bears evidence of use or wear a nominal charge will apply, this charge will not exceed 10% of the purchase price per year of use up to a maximum charge of 30% of the total purchase price, adjusted if necessary for inflation.     However this guarantee does not extend to cover third party products such as coatings applied to the sculpture, damage caused by neglect, outdoor placement (see below), oxidation, accident, vandalism, or natural wear and tear or any other cause except what may be attributable to the creation of the work. The artist or his company will repair, modify or restore any work at the customers request for a reasonable charge at any time. Assistance by phone, fax, or email is freely available to customers. Slight scratches are easily repaired at home. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome, please feel free to contact us with your comments. Foot's goal is to create a more beautiful world, with your help, that is exactly what we can do.

Maintaining your Sculpture including Outdoor Placement

    Sculpture normally requires no maintenance except for cleaning. Do not use abrasives on polished surfaces and do not use cleaning agents containing methylated spirit or alcohol on bronzes that have been lacquered as this will react. Periodic waxing will help to maintain the polish on sculpture placed out of doors, however all marbles, whether natural or cast will lose their high gloss polish if subjected to prolonged action by the elements. There is also a chance that cracks may develop on marble sculpture placed outdoors, due to thermal expansion caused by heat and cold. The guarantee does not cover cracking caused by extreme heat or cold, or physical abuse. It is possible to coat a marble sculpture placed outdoors with a clear lacquer (two pack is best) that will protect the work from any surface dulling, as long as the lacquer stays good.   You should wax any bronze or marble  outdoor sculpture, even if lacquered, as this will become the sacrificial part,  Use a carnuba based wax, such as "Mothers Wax", not a silicone based one. Your local panel beater (auto body repairman) or professional painter is the recommended person to contact for clear coatings. Cast marble is more resistant than natural stone as it does not have the tiny cracks, fissures, and pores that natural stone has. It is normal for black cast marble to take on a gray shade when the polish wears off. Slight scratches from jewellery, etc., are easily dealt with by applying some black shoe polish and then buffing off. Should your piece ever be damaged, if all the broken bits are saved it is possible to repair it without any apparent evidence of damage. It is hoped that you get a lifetime of pleasure from the artwork.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: NOTE, in 1999 Foot elected to register a protest of the current reward system for what he feels is "counterproductive art", by withdrawing from all judged competitions.  See the questionaire for details.

October 1999, Preble County Art Awards, Eaton, Ohio, won first prize, sculpture category
March 1996 Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville
August 1995 Cairns Regional Gallery
Oct 1994 , 1998, & 1999, Cyprus Gardens Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Orlando, Florida, USA
May 1994 Akoonah Park Gallery, Berwick, Victoria
May 1994 Bay Nautica Art Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria
Feb - Mar 1995 Maui Marine Art Expo, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii
1994, & 1993 produced by Coast Galleries, Carmel, Ca.
July 1993 *Fitton Art Centre, Hamilton, Ohio, USA
June 1993 *Flying Stone Gallery, Marina Mirage, Port Douglas, Queensland
1993,1994,1995, Gold Coast Sculpture Award - **won first prize with 'Leaping Sea Lion ,
and 1996,1997,1999 Gold Coast Council building, Bundall, Queensland
1993 Logan City Art Exhibition, Logan City, Queensland
1991 to 1997 Whitsunday Art Exhibition, Airlie Beach, Qld, "Freedom" won most popular prize '97
1990 Foot Young & Sonya Moran Exhibition, Hamilton Island Resort, Queensland
1986 *Unveiling of the Phoenix, Hamilton Island Resort, Queensland
1983 *Foot Young Exhibition, Cairns Yacht Club, Cairns, Queensland


& CASUAL SEA LION - Hot Cast Bronze, Port Authority of Singapore
Opal Lovers P/L, Cairns, Queensland, Australia Hamilton Island Resort,
Queensland, Australia
Morris on Knudsen Corporation, Boise, Idaho, USA H.P.D. Corp., Renaissance Resort, Japan
Sirotec Software Inc., Odgenburg, N.Y., USA Video 8 Broadcast, Artamon, NSW,
L & O Architects, Hong Kong Clarksons P/L , Gosford, NSW, Australia


Aga Khan, Palace Royale, Paris His Highness Sultan Nahyan, Saudi Arabia
Jean Michael Cousteau, Sea Vessel Calypso Alan Griffith, Western Australia
Greg McGuire, Hamilton Island, Queensland Mark & Izolda Doyle, Cairns, Queensland
Dieter and Beatrix Knuttel, Dormund , Germany Hiroshi Yamada, Ogaki, Gifu-Ken, Japan
Hideo Narimichi, Tokyo, Japan Gay Hill, Auckland, New Zealand
Robert O'Toole, Boronia, Australia Karen and Don Johnson, New York , USA
Aaron Conti, Hoffman Estates, Ill., USA Jan Stewart, Markham, Ontario, Canada
David Shirk, Norfolk, Va. , USA Julian Cosgrave, Ringwood East, Victoria, Aust.
Walter Ingham, Newry Bar, NSW, Australia Von Bullivant, Margate, Qld, Australia
Daisuke Hire, Tokyo, Japan Stephan McCormick, Rensrenshire, Scotland
Fernando Rossi, Roma, Italy Gruber Rene', St. Gallen, Switzerland

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The Materials

Cast marble is a modern method of "casting marble". Although Foot Young has successfully applied it to sculpture, apparently as the initiator of this medium for this purpose, the material has been around for several decades as a medium for vanity tops, sinks, etc., as the alternative to the more expensive, and more easily stained natural marble. It is essentially a mixture of finely ground marble dust and special polyester casting resin mixed in about 70 parts to 30 parts, respectively. The trick to it is the colouration and some secret ingredients. This is what makes Foot's sculptures appear as though they are made from natural marble and also what makes each piece different from any other. The actual details of this were carefully developed by Foot over many years and are not given out. The other factor which gives Foot's sculptures the superb glistening look of polished stone is in the handiwork that goes into the polish. Every work is carefully polished by hand and then buffed. No gel coats are used, although the pieces are given a coat of marble wax. The material does not stain, is weather resistant, but not weather proof, although it will lose its glistening polish as does natural marble when placed outdoors. It  can be placed in or under water although the black marble goes to gray colour if submerged. It is stronger and lighter (and hence more shatterproof) than natural marble and can be drilled readily to accept bolts for securing a work to concrete or a wall.  See example of black cast marblewhite cast marble, black and white cast marble, or coloured cast marble.

Jade Sim is actually cast marble, as above, but coloured in an even more complex manner to resemble the fine quality dark jade.  Since it's inception, it and the Coloured Cast Marble, that was also recently developed,  have become so well liked that they have virtually taken over the gallery shelves.  The colours in the latter remind one of the brilliant abundance of colour seen on a trip to the reef, but due to the techniques Foot has worked out, they are done in such a way to rival the depth and transparency of beautifully done glass sculptures.  See example

Aqua and Red sculptures are also the cast marble process, but like the Jade Sim, using a special and secret recipe to get stunning results of transparency and depth, although at a greater cost.  These pieces also take and hold a higher polish in addition to their vivid colouration.  We expect to also convert our coloured cast marble over to this in the near future.  See Red example, or see Aqua example.

Cold Cast Bronze is nearly identical to cast marble except that fine bronze powder is used instead of marble dust. Generally a skin of the bronze mixture is fashioned and then this is backed up with the cast marble mix. Highly polished pieces are given several coats of specially formulated bronze lacquer called Incralac. This coating is supposedly guaranteed by the manufacturer for five years outdoors although Foot's guarantee does not extend to third party products. It has been noticed that the high polished bronze, being a reactive metal, does exhibit slow oxidation even under the coatings. This results in a slow darkening of the polished surface. To remedy this many of the works now being produced are specifically patinated to actually create a soft natural brown colouration on the bronze, which is quite stable. See example of polished bronze, or see example of patinated piece.

The ALLOY medium is identical to cold cast bronze in application, however a fine blend of aluminium metal powders are used to create this rather novel looking material.  It has the appearance of fine silver, and not as cold looking as polished pewter.  The most remarkable aspect is that it is stable even in a salt air environment.   These works do not need to be lacquered, nor do they suffer from tarnishing caused by touching as a raw bronze surface will.  Most notably they will fit well into a decor that is on the modern side.  See example.

Cd-Rom & Videos also Available

Foot has now produced two dvds/videos dedicated to detailed instructions on how to sculpt. Dvd 1 covers all aspects of “modelling” sculpture, using a modern method of foam, fibreglass and other modern materials readily available, either as a complete sculpture or a master for reproductions. This Dvd also covers the 2 approaches to mould making, both relief and in the round; and additionally a section on how to make cold cast bronze sculpture (1 3/4 hours - $50). Dvd 2 covers classical ‘reduction’ sculpture, in stone and shows everything from selecting stone, composition, roughing, shaping, finishing, detail and polishing. This is a comprehensive treatise for those more advanced and determined (2 3/4 hours - $50). Both productions together are $100. There is a scaled down digital (text and still image) version of the modelling process on the web site, free of charge. The video tapes are now dated and are on special at $25 each. These instructional presentations are extremely comprehensive, and suitable for both beginners and advanced artists. However the #1 Dvd or Video is an easier step into doing sculpture, and the materials can be purchased at any hardware store, whereas #2 Dvd is for the more advanced, or determined, sculptor who needs a challenge, the subject is a child’s bust.


For many years prior, whilst sailing the oceans, Foot carved whales teeth, precious corals, turtle and pearl shell to make his living. This art form traditionally was known as scrimshaw and the artefacts were essentially miniature sculptures of marine life, as well as the etchings of nautical themes. These tiny sculptures were fashioned into jewellery and are now offered in tarnish resistant sterling silver and 14 carat gold. These are only available on order and from his galleries.


If you have seen a particular piece in a third party gallery, it is recommended that you contact that gallery, as they may still have the exact piece you viewed.  Prices should be fairly standard worldwide, if not please contact the artist.   There is a page on this site giving information on ordering, shipping, etc.  Order using the ID number given for each item, as well as the name, and most importantly the material you wish, whether it is black, white or coloured cast marble, or simulated Jade, or alloy or bronze. Some items are only available in certain mediums, but we can make to special order. Special orders can be catered for, and commissions are welcome for sculptures to the satisfaction of the client. Foot has always maintained a policy of being sensitive to the input of the public, and many of his most successful works are for this reason. A questionnaire is built into the web site to gather information in this regard. EXPRESS SERVICE is AVAILABLE