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Additional Information about Obtaining a Sculpture

      Firstly, thank you for your appreciation, the creation of art would not be as possible without someone who enjoys it, other than the artist.  All of the items listed on this site are available for prompt shipment, with few exceptions, if we have just sold a larger piece and do not have a spare for example.  Of the smaller pieces, there are always several kept finished, and this gives you a choice of colour.  If something needs to be made to match your taste this may take a week to a couple of months, depending on the size.

         If you would like to make further inquires about the item that brought you to this page, then just use your browsers BACK button to return you there, and add your comments to the text box.  This will ensure that we know exactly which item you are referring to.  If you like a particular item but would like it in another medium, and can't find a page on exactly that item in your preferred medium, then still use that page and add your comments, OR you can take the name of the item, and the ID #, and then add that to an ordinary email.  We will then respond to your email and answer any questions you may have.

        One thing that we often bring to someone's attention is to consider exactly where in your home you would like to place a sculpture.  Is it an area with a lot of light, or dark?  Is the background light in colour, or dark?  If light, or lighter, then you should consider putting a darker sculpture there, such as a black marble, or a bronze or alloy item.  If the area is dark or darker, then a white marble item. or alloy would look the best.  The new jade medium, or the brighter coloured fishes seem to look nice against either backdrop.

         If you are considering a piece of sculpture for out of doors, then definitely go to this page, OUTDOOR PLACEMENT for the marble.    Bronzes are a bit less durable, not the metal, but the finish as the metal will react with time and the elements, especially near the sea or a chlorine pool, but there are ways, such as two part lacquers, to slow this down.  In any case we can give you specific information about whatever you are interested in and where if you contact us.

         If you want to commence an order  now, you can merely return to the page that referred you here, and enter your name, and address, and any queries you have, in the text box, the item details will be sent to us automatically.  If you wish to finalize the order go to the ordering sculpture page,  which gives options for payment, and a Paypal link.  In Australia you may also phone 07 4946 8308, the Hamilton Island gallery, open 9 to 6 EST.  If overseas, you can also phone the gallery by dialling you international prefix, then 61 749 468 308, or fax to our head office in Australia on  61 749 461 418, this is a secure way of transmitting credit card details, as it is Foot's private fax number.  The international prefix for the US is 011.

          Remember that after you click the EXPRESS INTEREST button, you will be returned to the original page you were on, but your message will get through unless you click cancel to any windows.

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