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In Australia:   
(acn#010836343 )

Front Street P.O. Box 54 Hamilton Island, Queensland, 4803 Australia
ph. 61 749 468 308 fax 61 749 461 418

In the U.S.

Foot's Artworks USA Inc.

P.O. Box 273, Seven Mile, Ohio,45064
fax only 513 726 5536

Email address:footartworks@compuserve.com

Director and Artist: Foot Young

Foot's Artworks is the trading name under which Foot Young's sculptures are made and
distributed throughout the world. Foot is American born, but has been living and working
primarily in Australia for nearly twenty years, where he is also a citizen. His contributions to the
evolution of sculpture in Australia, a relatively young country of 18 million people, are
substantial. He is regarded as Australia's foremost environmental sculptor, as most of the body
of his work focuses on natural subjects, primarily marine mammals. In the last seven years he has
turned his attention to the most challenging of sculptural aspirations, that of the human form and
beyond. Diversity, however, has also yielded some interesting results in other areas such as the
abstract and the surrealistic. A cirriculum vitae provides additional information.

Foot's choice of mediums undoubtedly reflects his strong feelings regarding what he terms
'modern art'. However it is realised that all artists aren't lucky enough to live near one of the
worlds largest deposits of top quality marble, centred around Chilligoe, in central Queensland or
'the outback'. Marble is almost exclusively what his originals are sculpted from. From these
master patterns, moulds are made and marble castings are done, using a technique which Foot
has applied to sculpture and perfected. These Cast marble sculptures are hardly distinguishable
from the originals and in some respects they are superior, pricewise they are unmatchable. Note
that works are available in a black marble or a white marble version. Some of Foot's larger pieces
are done in hot cast bronze, but he also utilises a lower cost option called Cold cast bronze , for his
smaller works, providing identical beauty at fractional cost.

As of 1998 there are over 100 sculptures available ranging from $50 to $250,000 in a
variety of mediums. Images and information of these may be viewed via the directory above.
Bear in mind that any work may be available in either medium even though the image depicts only
one medium or colour. Commissions may be accepted for new works if Foot's schedule permits.
There are Galleries distributing the work in Australia, the U.S., and Japan. Pricing is standardised
at all locations, and it is suggested that you contact your nearest outlet. Please use the ID # as
well as the full name of the item for any orders. Every sculpture is supported with a lifetime
Guarantee. There is also information on maintenace and placing marble sculptures outdoors. The table of data provides info such as shipping weight, sizes, prices, and more.

Foot's original studio and gallery is located on Hamilton Island, which is situated in the
Whitsunday Islands, part of the Great Barrier Reef complex off the east coast of Australia.
Hamilton is the largest resort in Australia, the only one in the world with its own jet airstrip. It is
a one hour flight from Cairns, the nearest and northernmost international airport. Foot also has a
gallery on the Gold Coast, just south of Brisbane.

Full colour catalogues of Foot's Artwork are available for $3. Also available is a CD-Rom
containing this entire website for $25 or a one hour video in PAL or NTSC. These prices are in
Australian dollars and include postage worldwide. It is hoped you enjoy this site.


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