ORIGINALS AVAILBLE, Jan.  2011, some images not yet available
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Dolphin "Speedy" $11 000 Black Natural Marble Location- Reef Gallery , Cairns  SOLD

Dolphin Rising $7400 Natural Red and White Marble, cold cast splash location Hamilton Gallery

Dolphin Young $9 900 Black Natural Marble location Hamilton Gallery SOLD

Jumunji $9 500 White Marble with base location STUDIO

Essence of Life $7 500 Natural Marble inc.freight location Hamilton Gallery

Timemaster $20 000 Natural Marble location Hamilton Gallery

Sea Lion Young, $25,000,Natural Black Marble, location Hamilton Island gallery SOLD

Manatee Baby, $25,000 Natural Black Marble location Hamilton Gallery, image of castings click hereSOLD

Finger $8 950 Black Marble location Hamilton Gallery Fingerbk-web.jpg

Fountainbird $ 250 Natural Marble location Hamilton Gallery

Bird- by Sonya Moran $995 Natural Marble location Hamilton Gallery sold

Large MantaRay by Sonya Moran, $14,000, Blue Natural Marble location Hamilton Gallery

Shark's Fin $1 150 White Marble with cold cast bronze splash location Hamilton Gallery

Squiggle Man $750 Biege Marble location Hamilton Gallery

Squiggle Family $3 950 Grey Marble location Hamilton Gallery

Mr Toon $1950 Driftwood location Hamilton Gallery SOLD

Fred $4 950 Timber location Hamilton Gallery Fred-web.jpg

Toe $4 950 Timber location Hamilton Gallery  TimberToe-web.jpg SOLD

Bum $4 400 Timber location Hamilton Gallery

Dolphin Face $2 550 Black Crystal Marble Hamilton Gallery

Horse's Head $105 000 Crystal Blue Marble with plinth in black marble location Hamilton Gallery Horse Head Original

Hand Large $8 700 Natural White Marble location Marina Mirage Gallery  SOLD

Sea Lion Laughing $35 000 Natural Black marble location Hamilton Gallery   SOLD

Sea Lion Original $20 000 Natural Blue Crystal Marble Location- Reefview Hotel Hamilton Is

Sea Lion Sleeping $25 000 Natural Black Marble on artificial rock, location Hamilton Island

Humpback Whale Breaching $295 000 Natural White Marble with black jade eyes, location Hamilton Island Original Whale

Humpback Whale Breaching $175,000 cold cast bronze original, location Hamilton Island Bronze Humpback Original

Seahorse Lg $16 000 Ironbark Timber location Hamilton Gallery   SOLD

Mother & Child $50 000 Black & Beige Marble location Hamilton Gallery  Madonna-original

Footloose $11000 Red & White Marble  Footloose

Old Man of the Sea Table $12500

Lady in the Tree $10 000 Timber Location- Hamilton Island

Finger $ 600 Timber Location-  Hamilton Island

Griffon $2250 Black Marble

Hands Friendship $4500 Gray Marble

Manatee & Base $4000 Black and Beige Marble SOLD

Platypus $1200 Gray and White Marble  click here to view image Original Platypus SOLD

Ruby $2000 White Marble

Budda, $25000,  White Marble.    click here to view Budda Original

Eagle Ray by Sonya Moran, $14000,  Blue  Marble.    click here to view Eagle Ray Original

note: all the above, have been donated to the Foot Young Discretionary Trust, they can be purchased from the Trust