Art in  Australia 2019 by Foot Young

Australian artist Foot Young, based at Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, has sculpted mostly in marble originals,  over 700 different works, ranging from a selection of jewelry sized pieces to large outdoor works of monumental proportions.  Most of these are available as marble sculptures, or bronze sculptures, but there are also several different mediums and colors available. His aim has always been to provide the greatest possible range of themes, mediums, and prices, yet without fail to abide by the principle that Art should be beautiful and pleasing, durable yet affordable.                     CONTACT US

  Water  Life-thumbnails

Frog, Fishes
Manta Rays
Manatees, Dugongs
Sea Horses
Sea Lions
Sea Otters
Space Shuttle

Sculpture for Kids, inc. DIY

Special Priced Works, pieces at reduced prices
Mini Relief budget items, now available in coloured versions

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Hamilton Island Resort
Foot's Security Company

Sonya Morans art
DIY Pet Wheelchair
Art Directory Oz

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   Land Life -thumbnails

Humans, inc Busts, Heads, Hands, Feet, Torsos, etc.
and more of same, including Aliens
see also Alien Thinker stylized
Land animals other, including Dogs, Birds, Koalas, Horse Head
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 Other Works-thumbnails

Surrealism incl. Mermaids, Buddha
Newest Works
Newest Medium   AQUA
Contemporary Works

Original Artworks

Free Online Instruction
a digital treatise on modeling
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Cast Marble 
explained  inc cold cast bronze

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   Mediums  (info)         
examples below

Black cast marble
White cast marble
Black & White cast marble
Colored cast marble
Jade sim
Bronze cold cast
Bronze hot cast
Alloy cold cast
Alloy hot cast
Gold and Silver
Cast granite
Timber original
Stone original
Cold cast original
Painted surface

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